Direct Mail Marketing

Which List is the Best for your Direct Mail Marketing?

Direct Mail Marketing – Handwritten Card

I’d be wealthy! It would make us “richer”! If I could always be on point and know the answer to that question.
Hey! This is Todd from Yellow Letter HQ, the largest direct-to-seller mail house in the country. We get asked lots of questions and do a ton of investigating of each product and strategy.
I don’t know what the best list is all the time, and the truth is it depends and takes lots of testing in each market and a careful study of all transactions sold for cash in each market.
But I do know what the best list is universally, and each of YOU already have it.
Your potential sellers are the ones who have contacted you via phone, text, or email regarding a marketing offer. Your “Old Leads” Yes, that’s right….
Time and circumstances change. And you are probably thinking…
But I follow up with them? I know.
But I text them? I know.
But I email them? I know.
But have you made a memorable impression?
When was the last time you received a card written by hand in the mail? If it was in the past year or so…. You are thinking of them right now.
Be that person your potential seller thinks about when their circumstances change, and they want to sell.
Better than a social media ad, better than a commercial. That letter is sitting on their top desk drawer, on their coffee table, until the time is right for them to pick up the phone.
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