How to manage skipforce’s data with an excel macro

When you have received the email with your skipped list, to manage the data it will be useful to use our macro file.

You can download it here:

After that put the list and the excel file in the same folder:

folder with macro and csv list

Then open the macro file (remember to accept all permissions for running macros in excel).

Press the button Upload inside the macro, and select your CSV list:

Upload your csv to your macro

After a success message, you will see that the list loaded correctly in the macro. Now we should press on the time zone button, in this case, eastern time zone. And we will see how the data is transformed and the call windows are created.

Then, we should press the button “Create Output File”. Doing this, the macro will create on the same folder we are working, another folder that will contain the call windows and the quality number:

As we can see the call window folder is divided in the days of the week:

But the folders are empty, so we need to fill them with our data, let’s go back to the macro, click “Sublist creation” and you will see a popup, on that popup you can pick the day and time you want to pull from your list. But in this case we will pull all the data, so we press “Save All”:

After this, we also press “NQS File Save” to save the quality number of each record.

So now if we go back to the folders and open one day of the week, you will see the sheets with all the call windows:

Friday’s call windows

If you go to “Number Quality Score” folder, you will see the csv files with the records ordered by quality score:

Data ordered by Quality Score