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Real Estate Investors and Mortgage Brokers have specific marketing needs, and we help you meet them. From handwritten to professional, from postcards to mailing lists, we can get you what you need - fast.


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Our process is simple, quick, and priced so it won't break the bank.

Competitive Prices

Yellow Letter HQ is one of the most competitively priced real estate direct mail companies in the industry.

Quick Turnaround

Waiting two weeks before your order is mailed is never fun. Our main goal is a 2-3 day turn around!

Clear Communication

Always will know exactly where your mail order is in the process without having to wonder when it was mailed.

Happy Customers

"We've been using them as our mail house for years. Josh has been especially helpful in ensuring our orders are correct and go out on time!"

~Julie Gould

"I have been working with this direct mail company for several years now, and I cannot recommend them highly enough. The quality of their service is consistently top-notch, and they always go above and beyond to meet my needs. A special shoutout to Josh, who has caught grammar issues for me and saved me money, which shows that they really care that I get results. They are incredibly responsive, knowledgeable, and always ensures that my campaigns are executed flawlessly. Thanks"

~Michelle Murray

"Josh at this company is great to work with! Very responsive and handles everything in a timely manner. Highly recommend"

~Michael Stubbs

"Beyond thrilled with my experience with YellowLetterHQ! Joshua and the rest of the YLHQ team have been amazing and helpful. Going with YellowLetterHQ vs the other big mail house I was at saved me roughly $2500 on my last drop alone!"

~Austin Stewart

"Josh is awesome. Always makes sure I place the order right. Great service and recommend the team."

~Adam Rapoport

"YHQ is always my go-to source for sending out direct mail. Josh has been exceptionally helpful on the backend and making sure we get all the details right. Would recommend these guys to anyone looking to send direct mail."

~Forrest Schwartz

"This site is easy to use and geared towards real estate investors. The staff are very knowledgeable and great to work with. I have worked with Josh over at YLHQ for some time now and he has been great and resolves any issues I have right away. If your going to do direct mail marketing, then I highly recommend working with YLHQ"

~Danny O'Bannon

"This company works with you from the beginning through to the end of your direct mail campaign, and they answer all of your questions with no resistance. Questions can cover any topic and there will always be a thoughtful answer. I have had such a pleasure working with Josh and using his tips! Even though he doesn't operate a real estate business like the one you have, he understands exactly what you need given his continuous work with so many other professional investors, and his suggestions always yield great results. I cannot recommend Josh and company enough!"

~Collins Kiogothi

"Josh was great in helping me get my questions answered regarding a specific campaign. Even gave advice some insight to make it more effective!"

~Kasim Adeleke

"Great customer service. Whenever i have had any questions at all they have answered in a timely fashion and were able to clear up anything i needed. Joshua has been my service rep and was very easy to communicate with. Highly Recommend "

~Max Pressley

"Their Support, Josh, was very reliable! He acts fast, he does things beyond his limits, even if your concern or problem was beyond fixing. All my concerns were taken cared of excellently. I have no complaints at all! 10/10!!"

~Hannah N

"Joshua our account rep from Yellow Letter HQ has been awesome, 2 weeks into our mailer campaign and we already great leads coming in, couldn't be happier"

~Home and Land buyers

"Absolutely fantastic company. Josh is your go to guy here for all things related to real estate mailing."

~Faizul Islam

"Hand's down the BEST direct mail service company I have ever used! Todd and the crew are top notch in their customer service and their prices are the lowest I've ever seen! The product is awesome and the turn times are quick! It's a No-Brainer!"


"Josh was very helpful getting set-up for a direct mail campaign. Looking forward to working together again soon!"

~Luke Winter

"I had an awesome response from their yellow letters. It pulled way better than post cards and the price was super competitive. If your sending Post cards or Yellow letters, I would highly recommend having Yellow Letter HQ do it. Not only did it free up my time but the price was cheaper than what was able to get it done myself for."


"Love this company, we at DNT Home Buyers have been using them for years with no issues and recently we wanted to start using the scanner feature for returned mail and had some technical issues. The rep who has helped on multiple occasions (Josh) is always quick to answer back on help request and even went above and beyond to make a video showing how to use it while giving us a personal call to fix an issue on our profile. Would recommend these guys 10 times out of 10. No non sense just results."

~Rick Taveras

"I've used Yellow Letters HQ since December 2015 and have nothing but GREAT things to say about them! They get my mail out on time, bring me good response rates, and take care of me on every single order I wouldn't recommend any other mail company!!!!"


"I've used this company several times in the past and they offer great customization letters and product and it was at a great price. I couldn't find anyone with better pricing. Definitely recommend their services."


"I received seven deals from my last check letter campaign. My customers mentioned seeing the check through the windowed envelope really encouraged them to open it.

Looking to add a follow-up campaign as soon as possible. Thank you"


"A client who turn into a deal mentioned he only called me because of the actual handwritten note he received in the mail, he felt it was very personable and showed effort."


"The check letter did extremely well for us. We received lots of phone calls and closed on multiple deals with this one campaign. It went so well that we're placing another order with the same letter, and sending double the amount of pieces."


"Joshua and the team are great at answering our questions and helping us get mail out on time. We used many different direct mail companies but YLHQ is the best. Thanks Joshua!"

~Isaiah Freeman

"Our first campaign went great, we were able to land 2 deals, helped us reach our marketing goals"


I’ve never lost money in direct mail using YLHQ.”


"First mailing campaign with Yellow Letter HQ, paid $75.19 for my order, and now I'm closing a 10K profit deal!"

~Corey W.

"We've been using your letters and since we switched to the Real Ballpoint pen envelopes, it has really helped increase our response rates!"


"Great service and support with excellent results!"

~Damola Olaleye

"These guys are awesome! The pricing is extremely competitive and very fair bulk discounts. They have tons of amazing options that streamline the mailing and backend organization process, seamlessly. Not to mention, they will call you directly to discuss discrepancies, and work out solutions on the spot to ensure that the quality of your mailer is 100%, desk to door!"

~Tyler Brissenden

Josh helped me submit my order and answered all of my questions he was excellent!

~Broch Clinton

"This site is easy to use and geared towards real estate investors. The staff are very knowledgeable and great to work with. I have worked with Josh over at YLHQ for some time now and he has been great and resolves any issues I have right away. If your going to do direct mail marketing, then I highly recommend working with YLHQ."

~Danny O'Bannon

"Josh was awesome these guys have always had great ideas, favorable pricing and always deliver when it comes to all of my direct mail marketing needs."

~Ethan Hamilton

"Josh at yellow letters was amazing! Customer service was excellent and the team was fast. My postcards are getting a great response!"

~Jesse Wright

"Just sent our first batch of mailers and Josh was INCREDIBLY helpful and walked me through each step, reviewed my order to make sure everything looked correct and helped me update the drop dates. Great customer service!"

~Typhani Langley-Larson

"We have had a great experience with YLHQ. Our responses have been very good. I work with Josh. He has fabulous customer service and has been a huge part of our success! 6 Stars if possible for Josh!"

~Chad Klamen

"Worked with Joshua on an issue. He was patience and easy to work with! Great customer service!"

~Fusion Capital Group

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