YLHQ List Organizer

From: $97.00 / month


Yeap, it's finally here.

YLHQ List Organizer is your new Marketing assistant, that does exactly what you tell it to do!


  • Find Hot Stacked properties that are on multiple lead sources. HUGE!
  • Easily remove the "Take Me Off Your List" requests with good search type accuracy.
  • EXPORT just a few leads or tens of thousands at once.
  • Assign marketing phone numbers to all of your lists.
  • Combine lists effortlessly.
  • Remove your Return Mail with ease.
  • Track what leads you send, when you send them, and though what Marketing channel.
  • All Properties with Trust in the name converted ie "Ontiverous Trust 1997" to "Ontiverous Family".
  • Remove certain names from your list ie "County" "LLC" "CORP".
  • ADD custom columns to your database.

$97 / mo

  • Cancel anytime

$147 / mo

  • Cancel anytime


To cancel the subscription please create a ticket on the website.
Please provide us with an email address not already in use with other providers. I hereby understand and agree to the Terms & Conditions .

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