Letter with Actual Handwritten #6 Envelope

First comes the List, Then concern yourself with the mail piece. The Invitation/colored envelope gets the highest response rate across all lists.  Specifically the pink envelope with blue handwritten font in the GIVENS or TOWER font. There is no magic color, font, rose pedals, or lumpy mail  that produces a huge increase in response, unless you upset them “urgently” and then get the sellers call. Which oddly enough does work with the right strategy behind it … But there are color combinations that look most authentic and this color combination does that. A pink envelope gets noticed in the stack of mail, it gets opened ( that is the envelope’s only job so don’t over think it beyond that)

Then your message. Be unique in your message, Be searchable with a Facebook business page or website.

Build trust on the quick with a simple logo and a family picture that makes your mail piece memorable, builds trust.. Tell the sellers who you are, why you can help.  Often sellers want to deal with a Mom & Pop Company with professionalism.

Often your only competitors, if any… are Investors that send letters, the postcards go in the trash.

You can choose from blue, black or red ink on notebook lined paper or professional letter.

These letters are mailed out as Standard Mail and take eight to twelve days to arrive at mailboxes. We also Offer First Class for the difference of postage which .17 cents flat.


Quantity 200 – 499 500 – 999 1000 – 2999 3000 – 4999 5000 – 9999 10000+
Standard Postage Price $0.899 $0.859 $0.699 $0.679 $0.659 $0.599

First Class Postage adds 17 cents each

Unique Envelopes adds 3 cents each

  • You can also upload a word doc or picture of the mail piece.


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