Refund Policy has a no refund policy after proof has been sent. Delivery time is not guaranteed and dependent solely on U.S postal service guidelines and type of mail class you choose.

Standard Mail– there is no guaranteed delivery time. (8-15 days)

First class- there is no guaranteed delivery time. (1-3 days)

Yellow Letter HQ does not assume any responsibility for lost or stolen mail once delivered into the postal service mail stream.

Yellow Letter HQ is not responsible for your desired response rates, conversion of leads, unhappy customers that you send your mail to. Yellow Letter HQ prepares the mail on your behalf, for you… the customers specifications. We provide NO guarantee of result from your mail campaign.

The mail is assembled under the United States Post Office guidelines only. We are not responsible for delivering the mail. The United States Postal Service is, and Yellow Letter HQ provides no guarantees.

List Source accounts are not refundable for any reason.