Dear @First Name@

My name is @AgentName@ and I m interested in buying your property at

@Property Address@

I need to purchase another rental like the one you own at . Because your home meets my criteria, I’m willing to pay you Top Dollar. If you’re interested, call me. I’d like to close quikcly and avoid the cost of selling through a real estate agent. (Commissions, repairs, lowering your price to find buyer, etc.)

I am extreamly confident I cn offer you more than other buyers and I am extreamly easy to work with. I invite you to learn more by calling me this week.

Talk to you soon!

@AgentName@ @AgentNumber@

P.S If you’re not ready to sell today…then please keep this postcard for the future. You never know when you will need to contact a ready-and-willing cash buyer.